Lost and found

Peripheral Strangers by Julie Dawn Dennis

A day or two ago I lost a camera. A tiny, battered old film camera with little value.  I think it slipped out of my pocket while I was walking through a muddy field.  Luckily I had taken only a few frames on a roll of 35mm film.  Not much of a loss, really.

It did make me think, though – what if I had lost a digital camera with a memory card (that I often delay in backing up)?  Not a serious situation in the grand scheme of things, I know, but I would have been more fretful than I have been over this little incident.  It was certainly a reminder for me to back up – and back up again – my latest digital images.  It also made me thankful that I most often use film.  At most I would have lost 24 or 36 images (unless it was my Yashica Half Frame, in which case 72 or so).

Coincidentally, the same day that I lost the camera I found another one – a Kodak Brownie Six Twenty Junior from the 1930s – in a charity shop. It is in lovely condition and I will go out (when the rain stops) and use it.  It has been very well looked after and is just big enough for me not to lose with ease.  But, while the wind howls outside and it pours with sleety rain, I am staying at my desk, in the warm, backing up my digital files.