Looking for clues: A Hayman Seleg Mendelssohn portrait

When visiting my parents in Cornwall recently I found a Victorian ‘cabinet card’ for sale for a few pence in amongst the bric-a-brac of a second hand shop. Coming from Cumbria, my first though was that it looked very much like a young Beatrix Potter and I brought it home to the Lakes to have […]

Lost and found

Peripheral Strangers by Julie Dawn Dennis

A day or two ago I lost a camera. A tiny, battered old film camera with little value.  I think it slipped out of my pocket while I was walking through a muddy field.  Luckily I had taken only a few frames on a roll of 35mm film.  Not much of a loss, really. It […]

Strangers ‘outside the white cube’

from the series Peripheral Strangers   Images from Peripheral Strangers are part of ‘Outside the White Cube’ an international exhibition in the Phillipines created by The Multiple eXposure Project. The exhibition is to be projected across public spaces in Manila, 1-30 December 2015. About The Multiple eXposure Project: ” … an inter-disciplinary artistic practice and research-based […]

‘What type of photography do you do?’

‘What type of photography do you do?’ is a question I am quite often asked and one for which there is no straightforward response. I am always delighted when people do ask as it opens up a dialogue about photography and creativity, and there is a lot that can be talked about.  Often I don’t […]

Building a new home online

  Not only have I moved homes and jobs, but have moved my blog too (onto my website).  Thank you for staying with me.  New posts are on their way … For earlier posts please see https://juliedawndennis.wordpress.com/