Kurt Schwitters’ Merz Barn

With only one roll of film, I found myself at Kurt Schwitters’ Merzbarn in the English Lake District.

During his exiled journeys, Schwitters made art from anything (‘Merz’), and his work is often considered symbolic of personal resilience and liberation. Creativity can provide balance through unsettling times, liberating one ‘from life’, he suggested.

Leaves on the wind must come to rest, and Schwitters found his last place at Elterwater. What remains is a tiny stone barn in amongst trees and grassland, currently a place of calm, but which itself is subject to struggle as developers tread nearer.

I find the story of Kurt Schwitters an intriguing one; I am fascinated by his Merz art work and the diverse methods and materials he employed to create art.  In my own small way I can also appreciate his unsettlement, moving from place to place to find security and tranquillity. Perhaps that is what drew me to his story.
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Please see below a selection of images from the film.









Images from Kurt Schwitters Merz Barn (2016) JDD